Frequently asked Questions

How do I contact you?

The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with me is to send me a message through my Etsy shop.

Visit my home page at and look for the button that says ‘contact the shop owner’. You can use this to request colour samples and for any general enquires you have.

If there is a particular item you are interested in, you can go to that item listing and use the button that says ‘ Ask the shop-owner a question’

Please note- I don’t employ anyone to assist me, and do everything myself including replying to messages, so please be patient if I can’t get back to you immediately. I will do so as soon as I can.

How long does it take to have a piece made and how do I place an order ?

Making time varies, depending on how busy we are.

It typically takes between 3 and 6 weeks for the hats and veils to reach the top of my list and to be completed. The metal and crystal pieces my husband makes tend to be sent much quicker, with two weeks being the average. If your wedding or event is soon, do get in touch to check on the current situation. Rush orders are sometimes possible. I always try to help if I can.

To place an order you will need to purchase the item through my Etsy store at-


Shipping takes only 1 or 2 days within the UK, but usually around 5 business days within Europe, and typically between 7 and 14 days to the USA, Canada and Australia.  I’m happy to send to any countries that have full internet parcel tracking. (With the exception of Italy unfortunately, as Italy has unusual and strict rules about the importing of hats and similar items)

I use a fully track-able, priority international service whenever it is available, and will pass on the code to you so you can keep an eye on the parcel’s progress as it travels, but this service is not guaranteed to arrive within a given time-frame and although its very unusual for there to be problems, its possible there could be unexpected delays that are out of my control.


When making a purchase from a country outside of the European Union any customs duties or charges that your country might charge are always the responsibility of the purchaser. Ever country has different rules and thresholds, so you will need to check what the situation is within the country you live in.

I can’t mark a parcel as a ‘gift’ as that would not be legal.

Refunds and returns

Because of the considerable time involved in making my pieces, the inherent delicacy of them, and the fact that they are made to order to a customers individual specifications, Unfortunately I just can’t accept returns on the hats and veils. Please do request colour samples in advance for purposes of colour matching

For the metal and crystal pieces that are under $110/£75 where you do not have to specify your hair colour etc, I will accept returns for a refund or exchange, with the following conditions. You will need to notify me within 3 days of receiving the parcel that you wish to return the item, and send it back with a track-able mail service with 10 days in its original packaging. Once its arrived and been checked, I will issue a refund. Postage costs won’t be refundable.


Can I come to your studio to try pieces on?

I’m so sorry, but I don’t currently meet with customers in person. I work in an open-plan communal studio space which isn’t suitable for private meetings or trying things on. I hope to be able to offer that option in the future.

I realise its sometimes difficult to choose accessories, and buying online is not right for everyone. I will always try and assist as much as I can by answering questions and sending sample of tulle and lace etc.

I have two large photo albums on my shop Facebook page titled ‘My Real Brides- Parts 1 and 2’, and I advise you to browse through these if you aren’t sure if my pieces are right for you. They will show you how things looked on real women, and show how they each styled the items to suit the individual Bridal ‘look’ they wanted to achieve.

Do you do Custom Orders?

Yes, I often do custom orders, and I also can make small changes to existing designs on request.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece, do get in touch with a picture of your dress, Wedding or Event date, and any other relevant details about what you are wanting, and i’ll be happy to discuss the possibility further.

Why is your shop called ‘Agnes Hart’

When I was thinking of a name to use, I just felt too shy to use my own name, so I invented an ‘Alter-ego’  and called her ‘Agnes Hart’. So I am both ‘Rae’ and Agnes’.

Agnes Hart is an imaginary woman from another era who is passionate about silks, feathers, hats and trimmings, and can’t wait to get her hands on the latest ‘fashion plates’ from Paris and coo over them with her friends. She is a traditional dressmaker and loves translating them into unique designs for her loyal customers